Coaching Pricing

When you decide to partner with us, you can rest easy. You’ll discover that living on a spending plan is not as scary as you might think. You’ll walk away knowing that your financial goals are within reach. We’ll change your financial picture from one you feel like hiding to one that makes you proud. It doesn’t matter what money mistakes you’ve made; we’ve all been there, and the past doesn’t have to direct our future. We’ll teach you how to reduce your expenses and increase your savings. We’ll say goodbye to credit card debt and be purposeful in our money management.

Seems too overwhelming to get started? That’s why we’re here. We’ll keep it simple and walk those steps with you.

Welcome to your new found path to financial freedom.

personal coaching plans include:
FREE 90 minute start-up session
Detailed financial assessment
Customized budget and written plan based on personal goals
Budgeting tools
Assistance with debt elimination
Tangible methods to decrease spending & increase savings
Weekly accountability & motivation
One hour monthly follow-up sessions
Total confidentiality

Since habits don’t change overnight, we’ve learned that the best way to experience real
change is with a little time. Decide which plan will work best for you.